We are Puerto Ricans.
We are U.S. Citizens. 

Our home is on the mainland, but our hearts are on the island. 
And now, our vote gives us the PODER to make a difference for Puerto Rico.



Our Mission

Poder is a nonpartisan movement that will mobilize Puerto Ricans living on the mainland to register to vote and empower them to take action to improve conditions on the island. 

By sparking a new wave of Boricua activism in the United states, Poder will empower our community to elect officials who will stand up for Puerto Rico and the long-term recovery plan it needs.  

For decades, Puerto Rico has been an afterthought in Washington, and policy disputes have left our island at a great disadvantage. Hurricane Maria magnified our challenges. A collapsing infrastructure. Recurring blackouts. A struggling economy.  American citizens left behind.

With more Puerto Ricans living on the mainland than ever before, we have the PODER to make change. The strength of our numbers gives us an unprecedented opportunity to hold our elected officials accountable and make a difference for our people.

When we lived on the island, we didn’t have power to vote in federal elections. Now that we’re living on the mainland, we do.

Together, we have the PODER to transform local and state politics. We have the PODER to influence national elections. We have the PODER to demand equal treatment for all U.S. citizens--no matter where they live. We have the PODER to lift Puerto Rico.



People Relocated

from Puerto Rico to the mainland U.S. in the 6 months after Hurricane MariaI



moved to florida

where they will play a critical role in deciding the direction of our nationII



children ENROLLed in FLorida public schools

since the storm, proving these Boricuas are in Florida to stay. III


Join Us

Stand up for Puerto Rico and the long-term recovery plan it needs. Join our movement.

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Who We Are

PODER is a nonpartisan civic organization that seeks to empower Puerto Ricans living on the mainland through their right to vote. 

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